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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a simple guide to help answer some questions you may have about Discovery Doodles and the services we will provide at your event. We are more than happy to discuss your specific event and project. Simply schedule a Discovery Call with our Managing Director, Diane Durand.

(See details below.)

What does Discovery Doodles work look like?

When Discovery Doodles is engaged for an event, we attend the meeting to listen for metaphors, ideas and understanding. You talk. We draw. The pictures tell the story. The artwork can be displayed around the space in sequence for participants to engage and enjoy.

What do participants think about Discovery Doodles?

Discovery Doodles is a dynamic addition to any event. It allows people so see their own words come to life as pictures!

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What is a Graphic Facilitator?
A Graphic Facilitator is listening and capturing the dialogue and is also pausing and reflecting on the content and presenting the group with new ideas and models. Their role is much more active and engaging to keep the group on track to meet the events desired outcomes. This method maximizes team learning and helps groups reach consensus, resolve disputes and create effective strategies through visual learning.

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What type of work surface does Discovery Doodles require?

During your Discovery and Pre-Event Call we will determine the surface that works best for your event. For small venues, we suggest foam core. For larger events we use rolls of paper mounted on large 4' x 8' boards.


         In Person - Small Events and Break Outs:

  • Foam Core
  • Size: 30" x 40"
  • Very lightweight, portable
  • Requirements: Single easel per board

    In Person - Larger Events:
  • Insulation board, Foam Core or Gator Board
  • Size: 4' x 8" or 8' x 8'
  • Great for making large picture book environments
  • Big Impact
  • Requirements: Multiple Easels per board


         In Person or Virtual Graphic Facilitation:

  • Wacom Tablet or iPads (Provided by Artist)
  • Size: As large as your project screen
  • Great for event participants and to broadcast to remote locations
  • Requirements: Large Scale Monitor & HDMI Cable


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What do I do with the Discovery Doodles Artwork?

At your event, your Discovery Doodles will be producing several pieces of original artwork (i.e. templates, welcome walls, illustrations and history or journey maps). This artwork is valuable at events, it is also important that is shared both during and after the event.

        During the event:

  • Create a folding screen to display all artwork.
  • Photograph and clean the artwork during event and project them as a slideshow, during the start-of-day or end-of-day.
  • Hang artwork on walls and windows.

    After the event:
  • Hang the artwork in a common room (e.g. cafeteria) to share with people who could not attend the event.
  • Create an E-Sketchbook that includes the artwork, the agenda and photographs from the event the agenda for print or online.
  • Upload the artwork to an internal site.
  • Give guest speakers a copy of their own artwork as a thank you gift.
  • Print and laminate artwork on a small scale and distribute them to all attendees as a reminder of the momentum of the event or as a thank you.
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What Does Discovery Doodles Bring with Them?

 Your Discovery Doodles Graphic Facilitator/Recorder will bring all of their own markers, pastels, tape, and other assorted art materials - as well as a laptop, lights and digital camera for cleaning their artwork.


 How much set up does Discovery Doodles need?

 Our Discovery Doodles Artists require a minimum of one hour to prepare the workspace. When possible, we will set up the night or morning before the event.


 Where is the Discovery Doodles Artist in the room?

Ideally, we are set up on one side of the room. It is best if there is nothing to block the view of the artwork from the participants. In some cases we require access to a power outlet so we can set up an alternative light source for the artwork area.